I’ve been having neurofeedback sessions with Monique for the last 7 months for a traumatic brain injury sustained when I when fell down a flight of stairs several years ago. I first found out about neurofeedback from an online U.S webinar series called “Rethinking Trauma.” One of the speakers, Sebern Fisher, spoke about biofeedback for the brain called neurofeedback that she used extensively with her clients for a variety of serious problems including TBI. I got really excited when I heard this so I searched online and found Monique’s Brainwise website. First I had the QEEG brain map done. This showed that my brain was producing excess levels of slow theta waves and fast beta waves. Monique explained that the slow brain waves were causing the fogginess and confusion in my brain, while at the same time the excess fast waves were triggering high anxiety, leaving me feeling stressed and exhausted. I also found normal conversations challenging as my speech had become slower than normal while I struggled to find the right words to express myself.

My neurofeedback journey has been (and continues to be) a deeply healing process involving different areas of my brain. My sessions began with the focus on reducing the excess slow and fast waves. Within three weeks of beginning the sessions two of my friends noticed that my speech was improving. At week six my vision had improved, becoming clearer with sharper focus and depth. Three months later I was able to attend a large out of town family wedding. Prior to neurofeedback I wouldn’t have been able to go as it would have been just too overwhelming. Around this time I noticed a big change when I arrived at my local supermarket to find the car park was full. Cars were cruising around looking for a space. Prior to neurofeedback I would have been really stressed by this situation and driven straight back home again. Around the fifth month a lot of my brain fog had lifted, which was really amazing! I’m now able to think more clearly and to express myself easily without long pauses or stuttering. A huge relief!

During this past month, the neurofeedback training is helping my brain in remarkable ways. A couple of sessions ago while having work on my pre-frontal cortex, my ability to sense the future began coming back online. I exclaimed loudly to Monique, “I can see!” This was such an exciting breakthrough as I’d lost my sense of being able to see ahead, not in a visual way but to be able to envision or plan for the future. Yes incredible! I’m so very grateful for all the fine support Monique has given me every step of the way. She’s a very warm, caring and skilful practitioner with tremendous empathy and insight. As a trained psychotherapist myself I truly appreciate these qualities because neurofeedback is a physical and emotional healing process. These sessions have been truly life changing for me. Thank you dear Monique, from my heart and of course my brain!

KL, Auckland.