QEEG or Stress assessments can be useful for gaining insight into issues affecting your nervous system. These involve a session of 1.5 hours in the office and a follow up appointment of an hour either in the office or online.

Mental Health, Learning Problems or Brain Injuries

5 – 10 weeks of intensive treatment (i.e 2 or more sessions per week) is recommended. This is followed by another 10 to 20 sessions spaced weekly and then sometimes fortnightly. Some people come ┬átop ups once every few weeks or months.

Home training: In some circumstances, it is worth considering hiring equipment. Monique can train you to run your own sessions at home with regular supervision. Monique can also run your sessions via video conferencing . Please ask for more information.

Peak Performance

10 to 20 sessions over a few weeks is recommended to achieve changes. High performers often find it useful to have a top up before an important event.