“Our son was having numerous seizures and nothing was helping. We had tried lots of different anti-epileptic medications and also a diet for seizures but nothing helped. I had stumbled across some information on the internet about neurofeedback and I started to research the topic. I read numerous books on the topic and did a lot of reading on the subject before deciding to go ahead and get treatment for our son. Neurofeedback made sense to me.

After explaining what had been happening with our son, Monique knew what to try straight away and with ongoing sessions, she changed things to suit what was happening with him at the time. After a while we noticed our son was calmer and we were getting less seizure activity. We were also able to keep him on only a very small amount of only one anti-epileptic medication as opposed to several to try and control his seizures. Our son has also quite a significant speech delay and one of the very first things we did notice was how his speech started to improve. Monique suggested we keep a written note of any changes we noticed after each session we did. We found this really helpful as it gave us a way to observe and monitor our son’s progress with the therapy. Some things seemed nothing significant at the time, but we realised later that they were the beginnings of much bigger changes.”

Mother of CM.