The Therapy/Training process

A therapy/training programme starts after we have gained the information we need from the QEEG, stress analysis and clinical assessment. A typical session starts with a check in to assess progress and we talk through any counselling or coaching issues that have arisen.

Biofeedback involves using special equipment to measure nervous system functions and feeding that back to you through a computer. You learn to regulate these body functions. There are a number of biofeedback devices designed for home use. Once you have learned about biofeedback in the clinic, you can often do your own biofeedback at home.

In neurofeedback treatments,  special sensors are placed on your scalp and they feed your brainwave activity into a computer. Neurofeedback involves playing 8 to 10 rounds of a game on a computer using your brain. Neurofeedback can be done in the clinic or online from home.

Home-based Neurofeedback is done on your own computer, using a cloud-based system called Betterfly. It requires purchasing a simple EEG amplifier from Brainwise and a training session from Brainwise to set yourself up to do neurofeedback. Home-based neurofeedback is fully supervised by Brainwise and often integrated with online counselling/psychotherapy.