“I still have anxious thoughts about food but the intensity has got so much less. I can manage them now, when before this they could be completely overwhelming.” Female, 20s, eating disorder

“One day I realised that I had approached a number of potential conflict situations at work without getting so nervous beforehand that I lost my voice. My ability to handle my anxiety had improved without me even noticing over the course of this therapy. I don’t think I even realised how difficult it had been sometimes until I experienced this relief!” Female professional 40s

“Since neurofeedback training I have increased in planning and organisational skills such as decisiveness and clarity of thought. I have found it easier to complete university assignments, work reports and personal correspondence and to organize my papers.” Uni student 30. Learning and organisational problems

“The good news is that I am off the antidepressant medication I have been on for years and that I am not depressed.” 75 year old woman

“Overall A has had a wonderful year. He has made the most of his learning experiences and attempted to behave appropriately both inside and outside the classroom.” Teacher 12 year old male ADHD

“We certainly feel indebted to Brainwise. N is now a salaried animation artist.. and is very happy.” Mother of 24 year old with anxiety depression

“Thank you so much for helping M get some normality back in her life.” Parents of female 30 brain injury

“Noticeably less volatile in terms of mood swings. Not needing and not drinking nearly so much alcohol.” Male 40s, depression, anger, lacking motivation

“M…appears to be generally happier, giving more thought to other people and acts with more maturity. M has gone up a number of levels in his homework sheet.” Mother 11 year old, learning difficulties

“I am behaving with more clarity, courage, balance and rationality, something I knew was possible for me yet I couldn’t previously seem to accomplish.” Female 30s depression, trauma

“We are all noticing that she is managing to get herself out of her usual pattern of winding her self up.” Mother of 8 year old with aspergers

“There have been a number of changes that are basically life altering…I am impressed.” Male university lecturer, major depressive crisis