Couples and Anger Management Counsellor

John offers brief and long-term therapy and counselling to individuals and couples that seek to improve thoughts, feelings and behaviours in relation to self and others.


John has practiced psychotherapy and counselling for over twenty years. This includes private practice, teaching and clinical supervision in a variety of different settings including Segar House, Massey University and Help. He has lectured in violence and trauma studies at Manukau Institute of Technology and Auckland University of Technology. John’s understanding of brain science and psychotherapy inform his goals to be both supportive and effective at helping to relieve suffering.


John draws on both his own life experience and his professional training in psychodynamic psychotherapy, Gestalt, interpersonal therapy and mindfulness based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to work collaboratively with individuals and couples with relationship problems, addiction, anxiety, depression, stress and anger problems. His approach is a blend of compassion and potency all sensitively tailored to the person’s specific needs.

Individual & Group Programmes

John Bryant offers flexible individual and small group anger management programmes. He has over twenty years of experience working with anger issues and running and supervising anger management courses. He has also run workshops on the underlying causes of anger in men and in the treatment of the devastation that can be caused both to self and in relationships. John is a court approved anger management facilitator and trainer.

Toxic Anger

There are many forms of toxic anger that often mask underlying feelings of fear, grief and shame. Anger can be like ‘throwing hot coal at others with bare hands’, in other words everyone gets burned. As well as physical violence other attitudes and actions such as aggression, contempt, criticism, blame, defensiveness or withholding love often indicate a problem with anger. Anger can be a burden that greatly inhibits our ability to live a full and contented life.

Our work offers people the opportunity to free themselves of the chains of destructive anger and replace it with vitality, peace, improved relations and a voice of healthy protest if need be.

John uses a mixture of therapeutic interventions, skills based training and current understandings of the underlying causes of anger.

John’s Credentials

MHSc Health Sciences (Psychotherapy)
Diploma Psychotherapy
Cert. Advanced Clinical Supervision
Bachelor of Arts with Honours
PBANZ registered