I came to Monique because I was at a loss and quite desperate really. I have a history of childhood sexual abuse and narcissistic parents. All too often I would find myself feeling a deep sense of worthlessness and despair. Everyday events and social occasions were often a struggle and left me feeling drained and against myself. I had been in therapy for a couple of years previous to seeing Monique but I was still struggling.

Through the neurofeedback, I was able to calm my nervous system and enter into situations that would have in the past really shaken me, feeling calm and dare I say it, relaxed even. The talk therapy gave me tools to use to support my healing. Monique helped me see things from a physical, neurological perspective which made it easier to look at my struggles from a proactive, empathetic point of view. It wasn’t just all in my head! I learnt so much from our time together, around six months of weekly sessions.

Just yesterday, I came back from a huge, draining day. In the past I would have sidelined my feelings and got to cooking dinner, full of stress,  probably snapped at the kids as a result and in turn felt guilty! Instead, I asked them to play outside, walked straight to my room and put on my comfiest clothes, put dinner on the stove and then made a cup of tea and just sat down. It was my way of calming down my system, of bringing me back to base. It sounds quite silly maybe and so simple, but it was through working with Monique that I learnt to take care of myself and recognise my triggers.

I am so incredibly relieved and happy to say that I no longer experience that deep sense of worthlessness. I have bad days like everyone else, and when I do I am really kind to myself and know that it will pass. In the past, the smallest thing could have tripped me up and I would spiral into catastrophic thinking and it would be everything. Now, I know I will be okay. I know that we all have feelings, sometimes very strong and overwhelming, but I will be okay. It is for this and other reasons that I am so very grateful for Monique’s help. She was always so supportive, nonjudgemental and genuinely caring. I can’t recommend her enough.