High functioning people wanting to improve their performance at sport, business and in the arts come to Brainwise to do neurofeedback. Exceptional performance in every field requires a blend of technical skill and creative thinking. Those who are already doing well often find that the edge they require to do even better comes from increasingly subtle development in two different areas of the brain:

  1. The first is in the brain areas governing outwardly focussed areas. Examples are those dealing with motor skills such as balance, sense of self in space, fine muscle control, the ability to read facial expressions and modulate speech.
  2. The second is in the brain areas governing inward focus, attention, mood, intuition and creative thinking.
Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 4.45.16 pm

This diagram is often used to help people understand how performance is affected by pressure.

A QEEG and clinical analysis will target the areas of the brain that would benefit from input by neurofeedback and other performance enhancement strategies. Brainwise also builds in professional coaching and mentoring with a focus on understanding the brain. Managing stress and anxiety, building resilience, improving people skills and attending to work/life balance are some of the common issues addressed. Brainwise works with a number of athletes in New Zealand as well as with professionals from a variety of backgrounds. See some of their comments in the testimonial section.