Psychological trauma impacts brain function.

Post traumatic stress can result from an accident, earthquake, war or other violent event. The brain can struggle to process such an event this can lead to sleep disturbances, flashbacks, memory problems, anxiety and anger problems.

A traumatised brain can also be the result of chronic neglect and/or abuse, especially if this takes place in early life. People with this kind of history can have brains that are easily overwhelmed because trauma interferes with the brain’s ability to develop ways of filtering and organising information. An easily overwhelmed brain can cause difficulties with managing emotions, sustaining attention, academic learning and dealing with stresses of all kinds.

Biofeedback and neurofeedback are some of the most advanced tools for helping move traumatised brains towards recovery and improved function. They can be integrated with counselling and other approaches such as expressive therapies, yoga and EMDR.