The Brainwise treatment philosophy

Some people who approach me for help have been formally diagnosed with mental health issues, a learning disability or have experienced a head injury. Others find their way to Brainwise because they recognise that all mind problems must also involve the brain. Neurofeedback and counselling can help brain function and this will enable you to think more clearly about many issues in your life and make better decisions.

However if you have a serious health issue, are in a very problematic relationship, use a lot of medications or illicitĀ drugs or are involved in some other highly stressful or unhealthy situation, this will limit the effect of the treatment. Like any therapy, it is important to approach working together in a realistic way and for us to talk honestly about your circumstances.

Brainwise does not offer miracles, but the combination of working directly with brain function and integrating this with skilled counselling and coaching has been effective for many of the dozens of people who have approached this service since 2005.

Te Whare Tapa Wha:”The House of Wellbeing” is a concept used by Brainwise and in health settings all over New Zealand to help people think about the different dimensions of health.