I reached out to Brainwise neurofeedback after reading a book about the topic and spending a very busy, stressful Christmas period with my family. I was struggling to control my anger, which was affecting a new relationship and my attitude generally towards life. I was also having difficulties with social anxiety, which as a busy professional, was starting to impact on my work life as well as my personal relationships.

Since starting earlier in the year, I have noticed a complete shift in my way of thinking. I was hesitant but open minded at first, but as I completed more and more sessions, I really begun to feel I was gaining some traction. After the 8th- 9th session, I really started to feel the results compounding, and I was generally more relaxed, easy going and less likely to snap at my loved ones.

Where before I would stress over the most trivial things, my brain doesn’t even recognise those things anymore and the same issues don’t trigger me off. I no longer have to meticulously plan my life/ weekends to feel in control, I no longer get that sense of dread before a friend’s barbeque/ party/ social event; it truly is the most freeing feeling. It’s not that I rationalise these situations better- my brain literally feels like its wired differently, where it’s not till I reflect after an event, where I think, Wow- that didn’t even bother me in the slightest.

My loved ones have also remarked that I am like a different person (in a good way!). Monique has been a wonderful, patient, and knowledgeable practitioner of Neurofeedback. Aside from the treatment itself, her therapy generally has been great and I always walk away from our sessions feeling relaxed and more comfortable in my own skin.

LV, 27 year old professional woman.