“It seemed to me that I was “stuck” with a cluster of feelings and way of thinking, that although I could make progress with therapy and a good therapist, I found it hard to hold the growth and changes as permanent. Also I felt negative towards my brain, felt I struggled to learn and integrate, and had pretty much lost hope I could ever change this, and was probably heading for Alzheimer’s! Neurofeedback had caught my attention as a method to work directly on my brain patterns in a way that gave evidence of changes. This was something I felt would help my doubts and hopelessness about my ability to change. Also I suspected some of my issues stemmed from past pre-verbal states in very early childhood, and NF can also help move through such unconscious states. Monique’s skills enabled me to feel she had a good grasp and understanding of my main issues.

Brainwise neurofeedback has helped me to be more able to detach myself from negative feeling states, procrastinate less, sweat the small stuff less, experience less anxiety and try new experiences which I had thought I was no longer capable of.

It was helpful to be shown evidence that my brain can still function well, even if I am experiencing negative thinking or feeling. (Old thought patterns and feelings are just that, and my mind/being is so much more). It has restored my confidence that I can regulate my thinking and feelings so that I am experiencing less extreme inner states.I have more resilience in coping with my inner states and life in general. I have regained hope and motivation to live a full life.

There were many things Monique suggested that helped: Breathing in a certain way had a direct impact on anxiety driven brain waves, settling them down. She worked with me to learn to let go/surrender, to get “out of the way” so my brain could get on and do what it knows best ie restore health, equilibrium and balance. I’ve been practicing often to” let go” via pausing, being mindful, centering/meditation, observing rather than judging or reacting to feelings etc. She also linked me into into some helpful websites to use at home and books to read.

I found Monique to be a very skilled, attentive and responsive practitioner. I always felt “met” with whatever I brought up, or whatever state I was in. I felt accepted, respected, cared for, and Monique’s honesty/transparency in how she works and responds, built trust for me. I also value Monique’s wide experience and knowledge on anything I brought up, providing meaningful responses and often with a light and humorous touch. I found it crucial to have Monique’s counselling experience alongside the technique of neurotherapy itself, so that she could decipher what brain waves to best focus on that would give most benefit to me. Also she was available (outside of the session) for any responses that could result from the NF process, although I did not need this.”