Note that all fees are GST inclusive

Introductory session

$200.00 cash, internet.

If you decide to proceed with treatment, part of the cost of this session ($100) will go toward the costs of the QEEG and clinical assessment.

Central Nervous System

QEEG – measurement and analysis of brainwave activity

EEG Recording, Neuro-diagnostic assessment, analysis,  report and follow up discussion.

$1000.00  cash,  internet.

Peripheral Nervous System

Stress Profile – measurement and analysis of heart activity, sweat response and temperature

Nervous system recordings, analysis, written report and follow up discussion.

$600.00 cash, internet.

Therapy/training: Auckland clinic based

Neurofeedback, biofeedback, counselling, psychotherapy.

Session: (55 minutes): $180.00 cash, internet.

Sessions of less or more than an hour are adjusted according to this price structure.

Home-based Therapy: Can be done from anywhere in New Zealand, on your own PC, supervised from the Auckland clinic. We use Betterfly software, a cloud-based system.

This has a similar cost overall to clinic-based neurofeedback for up to 6 months. For therapy lasting more than 6 months can be a very cost effective approach. Please enquire for more details.

ACC: If you would like to access Brainwise services for help with the psychological and/or physical effects of an injury, ACC may be able to contribute to funding this.