Brainwise helps people with a variety of mind and brain issues. These include children and adults with ADHD, Autistic Spectrum issues, Sensory Processing issues, Oppositional behaviour, Brain Injuries, Psychological Trauma, Depression, Sleep Problems and Anxiety of all kinds. Used for peak performance training, this approach can also help sports, business and creative professionals improve their management of stress, hone their focus and develop creativity.

This service provides training, therapy and assessment. We specialise in the use of neurofeedback, and biofeedback integrated with counselling and psychotherapy.

Brainwise offers brain function analysis with QEEG (analysis of brain electrical activity) and stress assessment (analysis of body stress responses). Brainwise also runs Sleepwise, a programme to address insomnia and other sleep problems.

There is detailed information and useful links about our services, costs and length of treatment on this website. If you think Brainwise may have something to offer you, we encourage you to spend some time reading the articles and client stories and watching the videos. Please get in contact to book an introductory session or you are welcome to call or email with specific questions.

Brainwise is located in Auckland New Zealand. We operate from central Auckland, North West Auckland and via online sessions.

We are New Zealand’s most established service of this kind and have been operating since 2005.